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Dum Dum Pops & Spangler: A Legacy of Flavorful Delights

The candy world has been graced by many iconic names, but few have been as ubiquitous as Dum Dum pops. From the very beginning in 1924, courtesy of Akron Candy Company, these pops have been a delightful treat to people of all ages. Their journey took a turn when they were acquired by Spangler Candy Company in 1953, marking the onset of an era of expansion and innovation. Like many candies, they shared their limelight with classics like lollipops and suckers.

It's intriguing to note the evolution of Dum Dum pops' flavors. Initially captivating taste buds with offerings like butterscotch, grape, and coconut-pineapple, the range expanded remarkably under Spangler's wing. Flavors like root beer and chocolate made their debut, paving the way for a lineup that, over time, grew to an astounding 40 different tastes. The mystery flavor, a unique concoction resulting from the combination of two distinct flavors during barrel changes, kept fans guessing and added to the allure of Dum Dums.

Dum Dum Pops Today: Savoring The Legacy

Fast forward to today, Dum Dum pops have secured their place in the annals of candy history. With 19 flavors still in active production, they continue to offer diverse experiences for every palate. It's not uncommon for candies to undergo changes, and in Dum Dums' case, flavors like orange, root beer, and sour apple saw a hiatus before making triumphant returns. Such is the beauty of the candy world, where classics like Blow Pops and the enchanting Whirly Pops coexist, each narrating its own sweet story.

Whether you're a fan of the original flavors or are always excited to try the new additions, Dum Dum pops promise a trip down memory lane with every lick. Celebrate their rich history, cherish their present, and anticipate a flavorful future!