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Judson-Atkinson Candy's Remarkable Journey

For those with a penchant for the tangy burst of sours, Judson Candies has been a beacon since the 1930s, crafting some of the most beloved treats like Cherry Sours and a unique line of other flavored sours. The transformation into Judson-Atkinson Candies arose when Atkinson, the renowned Texas confectioner, celebrated for its Chick-O-Stick, merged with Judson in the early 80s.

This amalgamation, however, did not disrupt the individual essence of either brand. Operations stayed distinct, preserving Judson's expertise in creating soft sour candies that served a dual purpose: tantalizing taste buds and gracing occasions like weddings and showers as elegant decors.

Judson-Atkinson Candy and The Ups & Downs of the Candy World

However, every story has its share of ups and downs. The soaring sugar prices became a hurdle too high for Judson, a challenge that not many confectioners faced to the same degree. By 2011, the rising costs cornered the brand, leading to a heart-wrenching halt in production and a temporary closure of their doors.

Yet, every cloud has a silver lining. The brand found its savior in Sweet's Candy, which took the baton forward, ensuring that the legacy of our favorite sours remained undiminished.