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The Rich Legacy of Necco Wafers Candy

Necco, or the New England Confectionery Company, is more than just a candy brand; it's a testament to America's rich confectionery history. Established over 150 years ago, Necco began its journey with the now iconic wafers. These wafers are not just candies but are time capsules, reminiscent of an era gone by. The early 20th Century marked a pivotal moment for Necco as they merged with two other confectioners, amplifying their prowess in the candy world. Today, when you unwrap those vibrant candy buttons on wax paper, you're savoring a piece of Necco's heritage.

But the legend of Necco doesn't end with wafers or buttons. Their repertoire boasts classics like Mary Janes, the delightful blend of peanut butter and molasses. And if you've ever indulged in a banana split chew or savored the crunch of a Clark bar, you've experienced Necco's craftsmanship. Interestingly, while you might be tempted to compare Necco with other brands, say Dum Dum Pops or the likes of Ritter Sport, Necco has carved a unique niche that's hard to replicate.

Necco Wafers' Sweetheart of an Offering

While Necco's range is vast and varied, there's one offering that stands out, especially around February — the Sweethearts Conversation Hearts. These little candies, bearing lovely messages, have become synonymous with Valentine's Day celebrations. Every year, as people express their feelings and emotions, Necco's Sweethearts become the medium, making moments special. And as you indulge in these or perhaps explore other heart-shaped candies, it's worth remembering that you're savoring creations from one of America's oldest candy makers.

Necco isn't just about candies; it's about experiences, memories, and moments that linger long after the candy has melted away. So, the next time you pick up a Necco product, take a moment to appreciate the history and legacy packed in every bite.

The Fall of Necco Candy Company and the Great Necco Wafer Panic of 2018

In a shocking turn of events, the maker of Necco wafers, beloved Necco Candy Company, announced its closure in 2018, sending waves of dismay across candy enthusiasts. The oldest continuously operating candy company in the United States had produced iconic candies that had become household names. The abrupt news of its closing led to a sudden surge in demand for their candies, especially the iconic Necco Wafers.

This mad rush to hoard these classic treats was aptly named the "Great Necco Wafer Panic of 2018". Fans across the country rushed to stores and online platforms, hoping to grab as many Necco products as they could, fearing they might never taste these nostalgic candies again.

The Resurrection: Necco Wafers Live On!

But as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. Despite the closure of the original Necco Candy Company, many of its beloved brands didn't fade into obscurity. Various candy manufacturers saw the potential and value in these nostalgic brands and stepped in to ensure their survival.

Thanks to these companies, many of the treasured Necco candy brands have made a triumphant return to the market. Enthusiasts and loyal fans can rejoice knowing that these candies continue to be produced, albeit under new ownership. For a detailed account of which Necco candies are making their comeback and the stories behind their revival, check out this insightful article: "Necco Candies: The Sweet Comeback".

It's a testament to the legacy of Necco and the deep-seated love for its candies that they have found a way to survive and thrive even after the original company's closure. The candies may now come from different manufacturers, but the nostalgia and flavors remain as potent as ever.