Thompson Candy

Schnazzy fun chocolate foiled candies!

The History and Vision of Thompson Chocolate

In 1879, Thompson Chocolate was born, led by its visionary founder, William H. Thompson. Determined to set a unique path in the world of confections, Thompson focused on crafting specialized chocolates, each individually wrapped and brimming with quality. Known initially for their foil-wrapped chocolate bunnies during Easter, the company harbored ambitions beyond seasonal delights.

As the years progressed, Thompson Chocolate expanded its portfolio to include specialty lines for various festive occasions such as Christmas and Chanukah. Yet, their essence always remained in creating chocolates that could be relished year-round. It's no wonder that when people unwrap the glistening gold coins or the delightful Hershey's Kisses, there's a good chance they're savoring a masterpiece from Thompson's collection.

Thompson Chococlates Diversifying Beyond Seasons

While seasonal candies certainly carved a niche for Thompson, the brand yearned for a broader recognition. This drive for diversification led to innovations like the "It's a Boy" and "It's a Girl" chocolate cigars, a whimsical nod for new parents. Such creations showcased Thompson's prowess in marrying tradition with modern consumer needs.

But the surprises didn't end there. Their range of sports-themed chocolates, featuring mini racing cars and more, became instant hits, especially among children. And, if ever there was a need for a rich, peanut butter-infused treat, Thompson had an answer with their version of Reese's candy. Through each innovation, Thompson Chocolate reinforced its legacy as a brand that has been delighting palates for over 130 years.

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