Alien Glow Pop - 24ct

Alien Glow Pop - 24ct
  • $45.99

Round alien head shaped piece of hard candy!

Price per pop: $1.92

Product Details

Alien Glow Pops will add otherworldly light to your next party or event! This unique novelty confection includes a round alien head shaped piece of hard candy. The "neck" extends down in the form of a long lollipop stick. Simply activate the stick and watch as the alien's creepy face illuminates. For maximum enjoyment, try eating these spacy lollies with the lights off!

Our bulk Alien Glow Pops are a fabulous treat for your next celebration. Each comes individually packaged in a box so they are easy to share or give as gifts. Add to your Halloween candy this year or use as a one-of-a-kind stocking stuffer at Christmas. They are also a must-have for birthday parties and other events with a space or alien theme. Hide in treat bags for the kids or place in vases or jars and let everyone have fun while snacking on glowing alien lollipops!

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