Almond Cluster Milk Chocolate - 6lb

Almond Cluster Milk Chocolate - 6lb
  • $88.99

Chocolate and almonds are paired in the perfect proportion!

45 pieces per pound (270 total)

Price per pound: $14.83

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Mouthwatering chocolates filled with the lightly nutty, satisfying flavor of crushed almonds provide a succulent treat for everyday or for fancy events. Three or four of these Almond Cluster Milk Chocolates in a small gift box make a low-cost but thoughtful coworker gift.

Just one is enough to satisfy your chocolate craving after a rushed lunch. And lingering over almond clusters after dinner is the stuff luxury is made of! Chocolate and nuts are paired in the perfect proportion to make these top-of-the-line treats, sold in bulk to supply your parties or jazz up your lunchboxes.

Each Almond Cluster Milk Chocolate candy has a luscious, silky chocolate coating that scrumptiously complements almonds' warmth. Bite into one and let your cares melt away as you satisfy your need for the ultimate in sweet indulgences!

SKU: K333610

45 pieces per pound (270 total)

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