Almond Joy Bars - 36ct Box

Almond Joy Bars - 36ct Box
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Nuggets of delicate coconut with chocolate and almond. Joy!

Price per bar: $2.11

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Nuggets of candy goodness tease out the delicate flavor of coconut with chocolate and almond pairings, ì a classic trio that sounds gourmet and exclusive, but is easily found in these lovely Almond Joy Bars!

This package of succulent chocolate, coconut, and almond candy bars is perfect for bringing sweet indulgence to tropical themes, and they are a surprisingly superb complement to your holiday baked goods, too! More familiar than simple chocolate-with-almonds combinations, bulk Almond Joy bars have a coastal feel with their three-ingredient harmony.

Their flavor makes Almond Joy bars a light and refreshing as well as a sweet dessert, even when it is warm enough out to melt the chocolate! Truly these delectable nutty cousins of the Mounds Bar are a treat for all seasons.

Certified Kosher Candy

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