Altoids Cinnamon - 12ct

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Altoids curiously strong cinnamon mints!

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Altoids cinnamon candy are more than just a curiously strong mint. These refreshing treats are a confection that comes with a long, rich history. The original recipe was created by a London-based company in the 1780s, when King George III sat on the throne. The product's high concentration of peppermint oil is what inspired the popular slogan we all know and love today. Altoids are currently available in six different flavors, including cinnamon. The storage tin was introduced in the 1920s and still helps keep each mint fresh and clean, even while on the go. Our bulk mint package is a convenient option for anyone who never wants to go without their favorite candy! Hide a tin in your purse or pocket or keep them in the glove box. The larger quantity is also great to share at the office or while on the job. Invigorate your mouth with Altoids cinnamon mints!

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