Altoids Cinnamon Smalls - 9ct

Altoids Cinnamon Smalls - 9ct
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Get your Altoid fix with cinnamon Smalls!

Price per unit: $2.33

Product Details

These mint candies feature the same rich personality as regular Altoids in a smaller package. Each bite is packed with powerful cinnamon flavor. Pop one in your mouth to give your taste buds a little pick me up. Altoids Smalls are sugar-free so you can enjoy them anytime without feeling the guilt that comes with sugary candy.

Altoids Smalls are one of the newest creations to from the historic Altoids brand. The recipe for the original product was created during the reign of King George III in the 1780s. These unique lozenges gained popularity in England because of the high amounts of peppermint oil they contained. Today the famous Altoids name can be found all over the globe with many new flavors added to the list. Cinnamon fanatics will love the convenience and taste that comes with each tin of Altoids Smalls candy!

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