Altoids Smalls Peppermint - 9ct

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Refresh your breath with Altoids Smalls mints!

Price per unit: $2.78

Product Details

Each dainty piece is sugar-free so you can fit them into almost any diet. Keep a tin on hand to enjoy after a meal or bring one of our bulk candy packs to work to share with colleagues. Everyone loves the invigorating taste and pleasantly peppermint aroma of Altoids Smalls!

Altoids have been around for centuries. The very first version of this world-renowned confection was crafted by Smith & Company in London during the 1780s. It's pretty impressive to think that we are still enjoying the same mint flavor that people enjoyed back in the days of King George III! Some changes have been made, including the introduction of new products like Altoids Smalls. Now there are more ways to enjoy your Altoids mints than ever before! Buy the bulk Altoids pack today so you never have to go without your favorite curiously strong mints.

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