Altoids Spearmint - 12ct

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Altoids curiously strong cinnamon mints!

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Treat your taste buds to the cool, refreshing taste of Altoids spearmint candy! Every piece is like a flavor adventure that will invigorate the senses and tantalize the tongue. Altoids is a historic brand that comes from a long past that begins in London, England. The original recipe for these mint candies was created in the 1780s by Smith & Company. King George III reigned in those days, and so did the powerful taste of the peppermint oil used in each Altoid. These celebrated candies are still the popular go-to mint for anyone who is craving something with a little extra kick of flavor. Order our bulk candy pack so you always have a tin on hand to enjoy after a delicious meal. Bulk quantities are also convenient for sharing at the office, school or at any gathering. You can even give Altoids spearmint lozenges to guests as a uniquely nostalgic party or wedding favor.

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