Altoids Wintergreen - 12ct

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75 mints per tin

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Take your taste buds on an Alpine excursion with the curiously strong taste of Altoids wintergreen mints! Reminisce about ski vacations and chilled winter breezes every time you pop an Altoids winter green lozenge into your mouth. This all-purpose treat also makes a powerful after dinner mint! Each package includes convenient storage tins filled with delectable wintergreen Altoids.Did you know that Altoids are not a modern creation? These world-renowned candies actually hail from London, England. The brand was established in the 1780s by Smith & Company. It's currently part of the Wrigley family of snack foods and confections. After surviving for multiple centuries, it's no wonder that Altoids are still a strong competitor when it comes to the world's most favorite mint! Now you can order Altoids wintergreen mints in bulk so you have more to go around. Keep them at home so you can grab a tin whenever you go out or purchase for the office and share the Altoids love!

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75 mints per tin

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