Real Scorpions Suckers - 36ct

  • $214.99

Real scorpions trapped in hard candy suckers!

Price per pop: $5.97

Product Details

So you think you have an iron stomach and unflinching taste buds? Well it's time to prove your mettle by taking a bite of Scorpion candy! Just one look will weed out the weak from the strong.

Assorted falvors apple, blueberry, strawberry, and banana. Each piece includes a delightful ribbon of amber hard candy that looks smooth and delicious, that is until you notice the little guy who took up residence at the center! The middle of every piece is filled with a whole scorpion.

Our bulk Scorpion candy is a must-have for parties and special events. Get the conversation started by breaking out these bad boys! Each ribbon of candy is individually packaged so they are easy to share or give out as gifts.

Hold a contest to see who will actually finish their scorpion-filled candy! Give guests something unique to chew on that will leave a lasting impression. Serve Scorpion candy alone or combine with our HotLix Cricket Lick It lollipops!

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