Anise Bears - 5lb

Anise Bears - 5lb
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The rich, licorice-like flavor of anise!

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Anise is a classic flavor that is very popular among many. If you love the rich, licorice-like flavor of anise but don't want to spend time baking to enjoy it, our gummy bears are a great alternative. This charming treat includes jell candy that's shaped into handsome standing bears!

Each ursine figure includes round years and a human-like pose. The confection is dark brown and covered in delightful texture. Our bulk anise bear candies are ideal for any purpose. Use them to fil candy bowls at birthday parties or put them in treat bags so guests can enjoy them after the festivities.

They also make unique decorations for gingerbread houses and other edible displays. Put them on cakes, cupcakes, cookies and more to create an original look that tastes amazing! Enjoy anise in a whole new way with our one-of-a-kind anise gummy bears! Our bulk candy packs will make sure you always have enough for any occasion.

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