AppleHead Candy Mini Boxes - 24ct

AppleHead Candy Mini Boxes - 24ct
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Sour shell with a sweet apple center made with real apple juice!

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Appleheads combine sweet fruit flavor with a touch of tartness that will take your taste buds on a stroll through an orchard! Each piece of panned candy is small with a bit of bite that satisfies. They have a distinctive round shape that's smooth in a fresh picked green color.

If you have ever heard of Lemonheads, then you need to try our Appleheads! This classic treat makes a delicious snack that offers satisfying apple flavor. Bring an individual box with you so you always have a quick snack to quiet cravings. Add to party favors or hand them out as Halloween candy! Their green color also looks great in Christmas stockings. Create a retro candy gift basket for a loved one with these apple flavored morsels. Each piece is fat free so they make a good alternative to fattier foods when dieting. Buy our bulk Appleheads so you never run out of your favorite fruit candy!

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