Apple O's Gummi Rings Trolli - 12ct Bag

Apple O's Gummi Rings - 12ct Bag
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Trolli Apple O's gummy rings are the perfect candy when you're craving something sweet and chewy. Trolli is a longstanding favorite in the candy world. The brand was formed in 1948 and originally sold pasta and noodles.

Throughout the next decade, Trolli would expand to offer a selection of jelly fruits and cream drops. Today it is a brand that is most commonly known for its delicious gummy candy!

Apple O's gummy rings are similar to peach rings with a sour apple flavor. Each piece is round with an open center. One side is white and the other is vibrant green, just like the skin on a Granny Smith apple!

Take a bite and enjoy sweet apple flavor with a touch of tangy sugar. Bulk gummy rings are a great treat to serve at events or to use in party favors. Kids love snacking with them and adults will enjoy the unique sweet and sour flavor that makes Trolli gummies so tasty!

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