Green Apple Gummy Rings Candy - 5lb

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Green and white gummy rings with a green apple zing!

63 rings per pound (315 total)

Price per pound: $4.80

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Product Details

Apple gummy rings are sweet, chewy and so delightful! The ring gummy has become a fast favorite among young and old alike. They are soft and tasty but offer a simple hoop shape with an open middle and curved sides.

Each piece includes a bright Granny Smith apple green side and a creamy white side, with both covered in an irresistible sugar coating. Enjoy our bulk gummy rings in one flavor or try all your favorites! Each package contains a single flavor so you get exactly what you want when making shower or wedding favors or when stocking snacks at home or the office.

Buy our apple gummy rings alone or browse our other gummy ring flavors to build your own custom candy assortment. These deliciously chewy treats are also great for home crafts and edible displays. Use gummy rings to decorate cakes and cookies or add a fun wreath to gingerbread houses!

We're green with envy just thinking about the lucky munchers of these yummy gummies! Sugary, sweet, and packed with a green apple punch, these green and white candies really hit the spot. Put them on your fingers and pop them in your mouth one at a time. Spruce up a St. Patrick's day candy display.

Even set some out for wedding or birthday party guests to munch on. Whatever you do, these green apple gummy rings are coated with enough sugar and taste to make everyone smile, chew after chew. So what are you waiting for? Make us wish we had a bag of our own.

Bright green coloration, boldly contrasting with a creamy white alternate side, might account for the popularity of the Apple Gummy Rings candy, but we think the flavor probably has more to do with it!

A tasty sweet treat that offers a vivid alternative to traditional confections like chocolate, bulk apple rings sparkle with a sugar coating over their neon loops. Use them to stud a frosted sweet for a mod polka-dot look, or watch them rapidly disappear from a dish or jar!

These sweets are a smart choice for candy shops and novelty stores where an impulsively-bought treat boosts sales. They're also excellent for candy buffets, with their bright apple green color, Green Apple Gummi Rings fill out an unusual part of the spectrum, making them a tasty, chewy essential for colorful summertime settings or 1980s parties!

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63 rings per pound (315 total)

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