Assorted Gumballs Dubble Bubble - 17.8lb

Assorted Gumballs 3650ct - 17.8lb
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Elevate every occasion with Dubble Bubble's mega assortment of 3,650 colorful gumballs!

Diameter = 0.62-Inches

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Discover the timeless delight of Dubble Bubble Assorted Gumballs, a true treat for both the young and the young at heart. This gigantic collection features a staggering 3650 count of gumballs, ensuring you have enough to satisfy any crowd, big or small. Each gumball is crafted with the classic Dubble Bubble recipe, providing that perfect chew and an explosion of sweet, fruity flavors with every bite. Packaged in a substantial 17.8lb box, these gumballs are ideal for filling vending machines, adding a fun touch to parties, or simply keeping your pantry stocked with a chewy treat that everyone loves.

The assortment includes a variety of vibrant colors and fruit flavors, making every handful a new adventure. Whether it’s the bright red of a cherry gumball, the sunny yellow of banana, or the deep purple of grape, each piece is a burst of joy that turns any moment into a celebration. Perfect for businesses looking to offer a little extra to their customers, or for families seeking a sweet centerpiece for their next gathering, Dubble Bubble Assorted Gumballs bring smiles all year round. With 3650 reasons to enjoy, this collection is a splendid choice for anyone looking to add a bit of sweetness to their life.

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Diameter = 0.62-Inches

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