Assorted Mini Sour Gummy Rings - 5lb

  • $11.99

Miniatur gummy candy rings are sour and very colorful!

Price per pound: $2.40

Product Details

Assorted mini sour gummy rings will give you two flavors in one chewy bite-sized confection! This colorful gummy candy comes in a round shape with a hollow center and flat sides. Each piece offers sweet and sour flavor accompanied by a layer of sugar granules that will tickle the taste buds!

Gummy rings are one of the most versatile shapes you can add to your candy collection. This treat is soft and chewy and makes a beautiful edible bracelet! Just thread through a cord and let the kids wear their snack on their wrists. The miniature version is smaller than other rings so you have more options when decorating a gingerbread house, cookies, cakes, cupcakes or other beautiful baked goods. Our bulk gummy pack gives you many pieces so you can experiment, play or simply snack whenever you feel like it. Pour into a jar and use as part of a candy buffet at the next birthday party!

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