Baby Bottle Pops Candy - 18ct

Baby Bottle Pops Candy - 18ct
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A sweet and tart powdered candy in a unique bottle dispenser, Baby Bottle Pop comes in four fruity flavors with a colorful display box.

Price per pop: $3.44

Product Details

Baby Bottle Pops are a fun novelty candy that makes snack time more exciting! Our Baby Bottle Pop Crunchy candy adds even sweeter flavor with a big crunch! This one-of-a-kind confection made by Topps was first introduced in 1998, when the company created its baby bottle lollipops.

The candy is much the same as it was, with a few unique changes like those found in our Baby Bottle Pops candy!

Each container includes a plastic bottom that contains a combination of colorful candy pieces. The top features a bottle nipple shaped candy with a plastic cover that keeps it clean and fresh between snack sessions. Simply untwist the lid, lick it and dip it into the crunchy candy inside the bottle!

Our bulk Baby Bottle Pops box contains an assortment of classic fruit flavors. They are a great choice for birthday party favors, stocking stuffers and school activities!

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Flavor List

Original or Crunchy.

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