Baby Bottle Pops Candy 2-D-Max - 20ct

Baby Bottle Pops Candy 2-D-Max - 20ct
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You don't have to be an infant to take a bottle! Our Baby Bottle Pops are a tasty treat that's made just for big kids. The clever bottle design provides two unique candies in one colorful package.

The top includes a lollipop style serving of hard candy that is attached to a plastic rim. The bottom portion holds a generous helping of delicious powdery candy. Each includes irresistible flavors that are identified by the color of the bottle and cap!

Our bulk Baby Bottle Pops candy comes in a vibrant box that you can display or use to store these one-of-a-kind treats. Give them to the kids as a reward for good behavior or place in treat bags for birthday parties. Kids love receiving these sweet snacks on the holidays!

Use them as Christmas stocking stuffers or add to this year's Easter baskets. Baby Bottle Pops are the only bottles made for big kids!

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