Baby Lucas Candy - 10ct

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Spiced powder candy in a fun dispenser is a popular Mexican candy!

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Baby Lucas candy is one of the many colorful creations made by Lucas! This popular Mexican confectionery brand produces exciting sweets that tempt taste buds and offer fun, new ways to enjoy candy.

Each novelty candy product is packed with delicious flavor, especially Baby Lucas candy! Each plastic container includes a dome shaped lid that can be flipped open to reveal a narrow hole so you get just enough powder candy in every mouthful.

This unique treat combines sweet and sour chamoy powder for a one-of-a-kind eating experience that's full of spice! Our bulk Baby Lucas candy box gives you many individual tubes so you have plenty to hand out at parties, school activities, community events and more!

Do something different at this year's birthday parties by adding Baby Lucas to the treat bags. Enjoy a classic Mexican candy that is sure to earn new fans with its sweet and sour sensations!

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Flavor List

Chamoy or Mango

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