Banana Heads Hard Candy Yellow Bananas - 10lb

Banana Heads Hard Candy Yellow Bananas - 10lb
  • $54.99

A customer favorite candy with a hard shell exterior, powdery center and fresh banana flavor in a fun banana shape.

748 pieces per pound (7480 total)

Price per pound: $5.50

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What was Beethoven's favorite fruit? Ba-na-na-naaa. Ba-na-na-naa. We may have slipped up with that cheesy joke, but we're just such big fans of these Banana Heads Candies that we can't help ourselves! These adorable, little yellow banana hard candies are a great treat that everyone can enjoy.

Bring some home for your little monkeys to munch on. Stock up on these to add to a summertime tropical pool party. Even keep these around the house to add as decoration to the top of baked goods and ice cream sundaes. You'll love these little yellow fruits no matter what you do with them. Plus, they look just like Banana Runts.

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748 pieces per pound (7480 total)

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