Silly Bananas Hard Candy Multi-Color Bananas - 10lb

Silly Bananas Hard Candy Multi-Color Bananas - 10lb
  • $54.99

Hard candy bananas in an array of colors!

748 pieces per pound

Price per pound: $5.50

Product Details

Things might get a little crazy when you try Silly Bananas candy! This fun fruit confection is full of hilarious personality. Every bite is super sweet and sure to calm even the most demanding sweet cravings.

Each piece consists of a banana shaped treat with a sleek candy coating in one of many vibrant colors. Taste bananas in classic yellow or reach for a green, blue, orange or red! Anything goes when you snack on these kooky Bananas!

Candy bananas are a convenient choice for parties, events and businesses. Use them to fill candy dishes for parties or create one-of-a-kind favors for kids! Children will be drawn to the unique shape and bright hues while adults savor the sweet taste.

Use them to decorate cakes and cookies or create a fun edible display! Our Kooky Bananas are also a great choice for candy vending machines, businesses and school activities.

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748 pieces per pound

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