Bazooka Bubblegum - 275ct Tub

Bazooka Bubblegum - 275ct Tub
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This candy sure packs a lot of muscle into every chew!

275 tub per pieces

Price per unit: $0.12

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This candy sure packs a lot of muscle into every chew. That's because Bazooka Bubblegum is the big gun of the candy world! Have a voracious bubblegum chewer? Want to blow gigantic bubbles to impress your friends? Have a little league team celebration you'd like to bring a special treat to?

This tub of over 270 bubblegum pieces can do that and more. Around since WWII, this famous bubblegum has been filling mouths will delicious fruity flavor for decades. In the 1950's, Bazooka also added their classic ''Bazooka Joe'' comic strips into every pack. Chew on a bit of history when you order today!

SKU: F317809

275 tub per pieces

Flavor List

Original or Assorted Flavors (Original, Cotton Candy, and Watermelon).

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