Beach Ball Gumballs - 850 CT

Beach Ball Gumballs - 850 CT
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Are you planning a beach-themed party? These Beach Ball Gumballs are the candy you have been looking for to put out for guests to enjoy. These are not those tiny gumballs that only partially satisfy your taste buds with a nice flavor. These Beach Ball Gumballs literally explode with flavor the second your teeth bite into them. This bulk supply gives you all the popular favorite flavors, including watermelon, orange, strawberry, and blueberry. Plus, their generous 1-inch size makes them perfect for blowing bubbles.

The banded pattern on these gumballs makes them really look like beach balls. They would be fun to use to dress a cake, too. You don't need to be hosting a Hawaiian luau to make use of these Beach Ball Gumballs though. They are perfect to fill a candy bowl with or to use in a gumball machine. They will definitely curb your sugar craving!

SKU: K330423

1-inch diameter each.

Price per piece: $0.08

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