Big Hunk Bars - 24ct

  • $48.99

Honey-sweetened nougat & rich roasted peanuts!

2 ounces per bar

Price per bar: $2.04

Product Details

What a hunk! A Big Hunk Bar that is. These attractive candy bars are a delicious and old fashioned treat from the 1950s. With yummy honey-sweetened nougat and rich roasted peanuts, this candy is also surprisingly low fat! Fall for this handsome candy bar time after time.

Bring some to a birthday party to surprise every guest, give some to a loved one on Valentine's Day to get a few laughs, or even keep them around the house to crumble into baked goods and make them extra attractive. This delicious candy bar can do it all and more with its muscley, nutty crunch and creamy, chewy nougat.

Certified Kosher Candy

SKU: U319480

2 ounces per bar

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