Birthday Lollipop Pals - 24ct

Birthday Lollipop Pals - 24ct
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You can hand out any type of lollipops at a child's birthday party, and they all will probably be smiling ear-to-ear. Birthday Lollipop Pals are round and come in purple, blue, red, and green colors.

Each one has an iconic birthday symbol on it, like a clown, cake, or balloon, as well as a birthday greeting. What makes these lollies unique is that the design is done in hand-crafted icing for a truly special, sweet, and delicious treat. Of course, the rest of the sucker is hard, so it lasts a really long time.

These would even look cute stuck in floral foam in vases as a lollipop bouquet. They are not just for kids either. Hand them out when a coworker is having a birthday and everyone is sure to be in a good mood for the day!

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