Bit-O-Honey Bars - 24ct

Bit-O-Honey Bars - 24ct
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There is truly something about old-fashioned candy that people love!

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There is truly something about old-fashioned candy that people love. Aside from just being nostalgic, they've also been tested and proven by generations before us. Introducing Bit-O-Honey Bars, a retro candy that is sweet, nutty and flavorful at every bite. They are made up of yummy chewy honey-flavored taffy with tiny bits of almonds inside.

Bit-O-Honey Bars were first made in 1924, but they continue to remain an American classic to date. That's because they make for an enticing treat, what with its crunchy and chewy texture that will surely send your taste buds into a happy frenzy. And though, at first glance it sounds like a sinful treat, this honey-flavored treat is actually incredibly low in fat! So, what are you waiting for? Dig in and enjoy a couple of these guilt-free goodies. A handful of people search high and low for this delicious treat, and now you can easily order them in bulk with one click!

Certified Kosher Candy

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