Black Cats Licorice - 6.6lb

Black Cats Licorice - 6.6lb
  • $99.99

Fun cat-shaped Dutch licorice treats crafted in Holland with sweet Dutch licorice, perfect for candy buffets, self-serve bins, and Halloween displays.

151 pieces per pound (997 total)

Price per pound: $15.15

Product Details

Are you ready to test out if the urban legends are true? Black cats bringing bad luck is one of them. But we don't think these Black Cat Licorices are capable of giving people bad luck. In fact, we hope they come across our path more often! With this bulk bag of cat candies, you'll have plenty of time to decide for yourself.

With adorable mini whiskers, tasty paws and beautiful black fur, every muncher of these meowers will be in for a treat. Use them on Halloween for an extra thematic touch or give them to a friend who loves cats! Whatever you do, these delicious licorice felines will make your taste buds purr.

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151 pieces per pound (997 total)

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