Black Foil Chocolate Hearts - 10lb

Black Foil Chocolate Hearts - 10lb
  • $106.99

Black foil covered solid chocolate hearts!

55 hearts per pound (550 total)

Price per pound: $10.70

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Product Details

From black tie evenings to blacklight parties, Black Foil Chocolate Hearts are a great bulk candy choice for a dark-colored dessert table - or for filling an apothecary jar in a retro kitchen! The heart-shaped treats are made from delicious solid chocolate, making them great for an unconventional and elegant Valentines Day gift.

Individual foil wrappers in a matte finish look unusually elegant - while making a candy buffet feel hygienic even for germophobic Grandma Mindy. Lovely shaped candies are perfect for tailoring a dessert table to an events theme, and these black foil-wrapped chocolates make a richly romantic or stylishly shadowy element in a candy buffet of any color.

Stock up on heart-shaped chocolate candies to keep in your candy dish for everyday treats, or purchase delectable solid chocolate hearts in bulk to fill up a trifle dish for a flawlessly elegant look at a special event!

Certified Kosher Candy

SKU: O350594

55 hearts per pound (550 total)

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