Black Cow Bar - 24ct

  • $52.99

Chewy chocolate caramel candy bars from Black Cow!

Price per unit: $2.21

Product Details

Chocolate and caramel surely are a decadent combo. With these Black Cow Bars, you'll get all of that in one incredible bite. And with this bulk box, you'll have a ton of savoring to do!

Being a black sheep is never a good thing, but being a black cow certainly is! These Black Cow Bars are full of amazing chewy chocolate caramel that will keep your mouth moving like a cow grazing in the pasture. Pour some of these Black Cow Bars into a trick-or-treating candy bowl for Halloween, bring some home for a barn-themed wedding or party or order some if you just love caramel and chocolate. There's no wrong reason to order these tasty treats!

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