Diamond Salt Licorice - 2.2lb

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Salt Licorice from Holland. Zout means "salt" in Dutch!

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Intense flavor comes from the perfect mix of classic candy taste with the sharpness of salt in Black Diamond Salt Licorice. An unconventional addition that will make your bridge mix your own, this bulk licorice fills your mouth with powerful taste.

The word Zout - that is Dutch for salt - serves as a warning of the strength of this flavor, but you might want to make sure you let your non-Dutch-speaking friends know what they are getting into with a candy that is not for delicate tastes!

These small, diamond-shaped wholesale salted licorice pieces are superb for mixing with red heart-shaped candies when you want a classic games theme on your candy buffet. Mixed with a sweet dough, they would also make a truly memorable gourmet cookie for pairing with your favorite espresso roast.

If you are looking for something definitely different for your dessert table (and by different, we mean dark and salty as a vampire stevedores soul), then we think Black Diamond Salt Licorice is the perfectly edgy candy option for you!

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