Black Forest Gummy Cherries - 12ct

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Gummy cherries made with real fruit juice!

Price per pack: $2.25

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Black Forest gummy cherries are a delicious choice for candy lovers with a taste for fruit flavors. If you're craving something different, this confection is a great alternative to classic gummy bears and worms.

Each piece features a charming double cherry shape with a pair of plump, round red berries connected by a slender green stem. Every sweet bite tastes just as good as this chewy candy looks! Our bulk gummy cherry candy offers a great price on larger quantities. Order for an event or keep them at home so you always have your favorite go-to snack on hand.

Black Forest makes their cherry gummies with real fruit juice so you get intense flavor that's sure to satisfy. Give bags out as gifts or hide them anywhere you may encounter sweet cravings. Use them to decorate cakes, cupcakes and cookies or add to treat bags for parties and other special events!

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