Black Forest Sour Gummy Glo-Worms - 12ct

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Sour gummy worms with 2 flavors on each from black Forest!

Price per bag: $1.58

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Product Details

Glo-Worms sour gummies combine the sweetness you love with a touch of sour. Each piece is shaped into a traditional gummy worm, with a round head and long, wiggly body.

Take a bite and enjoy the smooth, chewiness that makes gummy candy so irresistible. Every tasty worm is rolled in a sour sugar powder to enhance texture and flavor. Our colorful gummy worms come in two colors, each a combination of red, orange, green, yellow and blue. Keep them around the house as a quick sugar fix or take them to work to share with colleagues.

Our bulk Black Forest gummy worms come in individual bags that are convenient for gift giving and events. Add a whole back to stockings for Christmas or give them out as a special reward at community events and school activities. Black Forest Glo-Worms sour gummy candy is made with real fruit juice so you know you're getting the best flavor experience!

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