Black Forest Gummy Sharks Filled - 12ct

Black Forest Gummy Sharks Filled - 12ct
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Black Forest gummy sharks are the original treat with a sweet bite! If you want a more intense snack, then you'll absolutely love these fruit flavored gummies.

Each piece is shaped into a solid shark, with tail, fin and big, pointy smile. The entire surface is covered in bold red, hinting at the juicy cherry flavor. Our gummy sharks are an exciting treat that kids and adults can both enjoy!

Our bulk gummy sharks are divided into individual hanging bags. Each package is full of many bite-sized pieces. Give them out during events and holidays or use them as a reward during after school activities.

What makes these menacing candies so unique isn't just the sharky shape. It's the burst of juice that awaits at the center of each gummy! Bite down and get a burst of tasty cherry! Our gummy sharks are a great way to fill birthday party treat bags.

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