Black Ice Blow Pops - 48ct

Black Ice Blow Pops - 48ct
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Is there anything cooler than ice? Only one thing and that is black ice! Introducing the latest Charms Blow Pop, Black Ice! This is the taking the traditional lollipop treat and turning its enjoyment to turbo. There is still a delicious bubble gum treat located in the middle as a reward for getting to the bottom.

Now there is a delicious blackberry flavor that creates a whole new level of charm to the Blow Pops! Everything about this candy is cool, from the colorful packaging that draws your eye, to the fact that each pop actually looks like the candy has captured a small piece of black ice on a stick for your enjoyment. Your ideal of candy will be redefined the first moment that you start to enjoy this delicious blackberry flavor! Like all Blow Pops the gum will be your ultimate goal but you will want the candy to last as long as possible because it is just that good! Get out of your comfort zone and get out on the ice, the Black Ice Blow Pop that is.

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