Blue Razzberry Blow Pops - 48ct

Blue Razzberry Blow Pops - 48ct
  • $21.99

Razzle dazzle Blue Razzberry Blow Pops!

Price per pop: $0.46

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Bring on the old razzle dazzle because our Blue Razzberry Blow Pops are here for you to bring home! In a rocking bright blue wrapper and electric blue colored lollipop, these classic suckers will get your blood pumping with their delicious blue raspberry flavor and fun look.And since these Blue Razzberry Blow Pops come in bulk, you'll have enough to spread the excitement amongst your friends and family. Lick, chomp and suck on these pops and you'll find an even more delicious thing at the very end: bubble gum! So this means you'll be able to keep your mouth snacking on deliciousness for a long time whenever you enjoy these bright blue pops.

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