Blow Pops from Charms - 48ct

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We have a dozen delicious Blow Pops from Charms flavors for you to choose from here in bulk! Blue Razzberry, Kiwi Berry Blast, Watermelon, and Bursting Berry flavors, if you can pick just one!

Whatever you choose, you'll have a delicious and famous hard lollipop to suck on and chewy, sweet bubblegum to enjoy once you reach the middle. These Blow Pops from Charms are a real crowd-pleaser, so pick some up and keep them around the house for when your kids' friends come over or you need something special and sweet to savor.

SKU: U319031RR-CFG

Flavor List

  • Blue Razzberry
  • Kiwi Berry Blast
  • What A Melon
  • Bursting Berry Blast

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