Tiffany Blue Foil Hearts - 10lb Bulk

Tiffany Blue Foil Heart
  • $135.99

Tiffany blue foil hearts are a simple chocolate candy with gorgeous wrapping!

56 hearts per pound (550 total)

Price per pound: $13.60

Product Details

Tiffany blue foil hearts are a simple chocolate candy with tons of potential. This delicious treat gets back to basics by providing a mouthful of gourmet chocolate. Instead of fillers and sugary fluff, you get right down to it with creamy, smooth chocolate!

Every piece is molded to form a charming heart shape with rounded sides and a flat back. Even unwrapped, these chocolaty treats look beautiful with a smooth surface and recognizable shape. Anytime is a good time to serve up foil hearts candy! Each piece comes individually wrapped in shimmering blue foil to keep it fresh and enhance visual appeal.

Simply peel away the thin foil and sink your teeth into this rich chocolate confection. Our blue heart candies are perfect for baby showers and wedding favors. Commemorate the arrival of a new little one or use them to sweeten someone's special birthday bash! We also carry other colors so you can create a custom chocolate heart mix for your event!

Certified Kosher Candy

SKU: O350622

56 hearts per pound (550 total)

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