Bomvaso Candy - 10ct

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Warning: Bomvaso candy is not for the faint of heart (or tongue)! This unique confection comes from Mexico and offers a whole new snacking experience that will keep your taste buds jumping.

Unlike sugary treats, Lucas' Bomvaso takes a spicier approach to satisfying hunger pangs. Each bite includes a hot blend of fiery tamarind and classic bubblegum. Our bulk Bomvaso candy box contains many individual containers that are convenient for special events and gatherings. Each includes a tapered bottom with wider sides and a top with a raised handle for easy twisting. Open the package and prepare to enjoy explosively spicy candy!

Set out for guests as a snack and unique conversation piece or add to party favors and edible gifts. Bomvaso novelty candy also makes a great gift for anyone who likes to explore international flavors. Make your tongue sizzle by keeping our Bomvaso candy box in your pantry!

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