Bonomo Turkish Taffy Strawberry - 24ct

Bonomo Turkish Taffy Strawberry - 24ct
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Turkish Taffy is a divine candy you won't want to miss!

1.5 ounces per bar

Price per bar: $1.96

Product Details

Bonomo Turkish taffy is available in sweet strawberry! Many people remember Bonomo taffy from their childhood. That's because this uniquely hard confection has been around for a long time! The original was created by Victor Bonomo.

Victor's father Albert emigrated from Turkey and founded a candy company under the same name. While his products focused on hard candy and salt water taffy, Victor decided to create something in-between.

His original recipe included corn syrup and egg whites that were prepared then baked to produce that unique texture that makes Turkish taffy so unique. Each bar is hard enough to shatter yet still retains its chewy texture.

Our strawberry Bonomo Turkish taffy offers sweet, ripe flavor in every bite! Our bulk taffy box include many full size bars that are individually packaged in nostalgic Bonomo wrappers. Tear open one end and enjoy fresh Turkish taffy anytime you're craving something fruity and chewy!

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1.5 ounces per bar

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