Funny Bones Candy - 15lb

Funny Bones Candy - 15lb
  • $72.99

Bone-shaped hard candies are full of sweet flavor and delicious crunch!

378 pieces per pound

Price per pound: $4.87

Product Details

Funny Bones Candy may look like treats for Fido, but it's way too good to share with our furry friends! That's because these bone-shaped hard candies are full of sweet flavor and delicious crunch. And in a variety of bright colors, they're even pretty to look at.

If your family is bringing home a furry friend for the first time, get some of this Bonz Coated Candy to use as a clue to what the big surprise is. You can even stock up on Funny Bones Candy for an animal rescue fundraiser or a birthday celebration for your beloved pooch. Since these little bones are so small and cute, they look great displayed in glass jars or dumped into candy dishes on your coffee table.

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378 pieces per pound

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