Boston Baked Beans Candy - 5lb

Boston Baked Beans Candy - 5lb
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240 pieces per pound

Price per pound: $6.60

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At first look, a person may wonder how beans are candy but don't worry Boston Baked Beans aren't really beans at all. They get their name because of their unique shape but they are all candy and delightfully delicious. These candy covered peanuts have been associated with the great city of Boston since they were first introduced many years ago.

They are red in color but the greatest thing about these treats is that they provide a crunchy delicious flavor to any occasion. The traditions Boston Baked Beans were always red, but in these modern times you can get these treats in a rainbow of colors - thought that option is temporarily unavailable. That means that you can find green ones for St. Patrick's Day or orange ones for Halloween. The Boston Baked Bean has been a very popular candy for over a hundred years and that is because all people love nuts covered in a candy coating.

SKU: F317696

240 pieces per pound


Sucrose, peanuts, corn syrup, corn starch, gum arabic. Containes less than 2% of the following: artifical flavor, confectioners glaze, beeswax, carnuba wax, yellow 5, yellow 6, red 4, blue 2.

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