Boston Baked Beans Theater 4.75oz - 12ct

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The original candy coated peanuts, Boston Baked Beans!

4.75 ounces per box

Price per unit: $2.00

Product Details

Boston Baked Beans are a classic confection that begins with a savory peanut. The nut is rotated while sweet layers of candy coating are applied to give it that flawlessly smooth texture and rich red color. Every bite is packed with crunchy peanut and candy for a treat that satisfies!

As soon as guests arrive, break out your Boston Baked Beans candy! They look great in a candy dish or bowl during special occasions and are perfect for sweetening a casual gathering. Pour a few in a tulle bag, gift box or tin to create your own peanut party favors! Add them to the food list for picnics and parties or include them in a gourmet gift. Our bulk theater boxes are perfect for sharing so you can take them to work, community events or school activities. Pass them around or keep them all to yourself so you're never without your favorite sweet and savory snack!

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4.75 ounces per box

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