Bottle Caps Candy Theatre Boxes 5oz - 10ct

  • $28.99

Bottle Caps candy in fun theater size boxes!

5 ounces per box

Price per unit: $2.90

Product Details

Bottle Caps candy is a deliciously tart treat that comes in an assortment of fine flavors. One of the sweetest, most irresistible confections!

Bottle Caps are round, bite-sized pieces of tart tablet candy that feature fun colors and a unique shape. The top includes bottle cap style markings that are reminiscent of old cola bottles. Our Bottle Cap theater boxes include all the original flavors you love! Sink your teeth into cola, grape, root beer, cherry or orange bottle cap tarts. Bulk Bottle Caps are convenient for parties and events.

Give away theater candy boxes during Halloween or use them as stocking stuffers at Christmas. They can also be handed out as birthday party favors! No matter what you're celebrating, Bottle Caps will make the occasion even sweeter. Put together the perfect family movie night, complete with Bottle Caps !

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5 ounces per box

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