Beeps Bright Bears - 4.5lb

Beeps Bright Bears - 4.5lb
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Price per pound: $4.22

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Beep beep! Move over other candy, and make way for our incredible Bright Beep Bears candies! In bright green, yellow, pink, orange and blue, these bears sure command all the attention in the room. Their taste also makes them a show-stopped because they're coated in sugar and all come packed with sweet and fruity flavor.

Are you a big fan of gummies? Want to add more excitement to your household candy dishes? Have a hankering for a sweet bright treat? These Bright Beep Bears are perfect for all the above and more. You can even wrap some up in individual party bags to give away to friends and family members as a lovely and yummy gift or put them on top of baked goods to amaze your little ones.

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