Bronze Nugget Choco Rocks - 5lb Bulk

Bronze Nugget Choco Rocks - 5lb Bulk
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What's more decadent than a delicious chocolate candy and more beautiful than a thematic scatter? A sweet that combines them both! Bronze Nugget Choco Rocks interpret "rock candy" more literally in shimmering, organically-shaped chocolate pieces covered by a thin candy shell.

Your guests will be surprised to find that they can eat these beautiful polished pebbles! The burnished metallic finish adds genuine class to dessert platters, while a wine glass filled with Bronze Nugget Choco Rocks is a flashy, sophisticated choice for dessert. Bulk Bronze Nugget Choco Rocks offer a luxe edible fill for wedding favors (and other kinds of grown-up treat bags) while adding an upscale flash to gift baskets with a culinary angle.

These wholesale Choco Rocks are also superb for scattering on a cake plate, and they're stunning when mixed with more traditional candy crystals and foil-wrapped treats to fill out a glamorous spectrum of glorious, shimmering sweets!

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