Brown Chocolate Color Drops - 15lb

Brown Chocolate Color Drops - 15lb
  • $158.99

Brown candy shell around chocolate gems!

500 pieces per pound

Price per pound: $10.60

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If it's what's on the inside that counts, then these Brown Chocolate Lentils are a good indicator! That's because with a rich, brown candy shell and an interior disc of delicious, melty chocolate, the inside and outside look almost exactly alike!

If you're a huge fan of chocolate candies like M&Ms, then try these Brown Chocolate Lentils on for size. They have the same crunch and flavor as the famous brand and are just as yummy. Fill your Thanksgiving candy bowls with these Brown Chocolate Lentils for a festive color and candy. Even mix these Brown Chocolate Lentils in with another color or flavor candy to up the yum factor all the more!

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500 pieces per pound

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