Brown Whirly Pops - 24ct Displays

Brown Whirly Pops - 24ct Displays
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Price per lollipop: $2.21

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Who says candy has to be brightly colored to create an exciting visual display? These Brown Whirly Pops prove that earthy shades can be fun, too. Rich dark brown and snow white stripes swirl around in a pinwheel design.

The lolli itself has a generous 3-inch diameter, so it will last a really long time. Hand out these Brown Whirly Pops at your child's next sleepover and they probably won't make a sound during the movie you rented for them.

These suckers are pretty enough to make a candy bouquet out of for a wedding reception with a white or neutral color scheme. They can also be added to a jar by your business cash register for customers to take one with them when they leave.

Now, as for flavor, you are probably thinking that they are chocolate, right? Well, they're not! These Brown Whirly Pops are root beer flavored, so with just one lick you will teleported to a soda shop from your childhood where you first tasted this sweet delicious beverage.

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